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Your best pick-up lines

We implemented over 60 pick-up lines in our iPhone App. But we know that you have better ones. Here you can drop your best lines and with a little luck, your line will be implemented into the next ...

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The Science behind Getting Flirty

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Nonverbal Signals

We all send simultaniously nonverbal signals on 10 channels. If the signals of the different channels don't match, ...

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Micro Expression 101

Micro Expressions are facial expressions which only last for a very short time. In order to be able to read micro exp...

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How to flirt better

Over the last years, scientists could reveal some of the most interesting questions about "Female Flirting Behavior...

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Detect these Key Emotions


Someting unexpected occurs. The situation is neither negative nor postive at this point.


The person has lost something. This can also be a projected loss in the future (like seeing one\'s dreams drift away).


A stroll in a field of daisies - or if you succeed with your flirting :)


A reaction to threatening things. Person does not know how to react.


A mixture between anger and disgust. The only unilaterally showing emotion.


Person feels that his values, rights or goals are threatened.


Mostly accompanied by a heavy bodily reaction (even nausea or sickness).


Neither good nor bad. Neither exciting nor boring. Goal of the wise men and women.

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Tell us about your experience with Getting Flirty

We believe that this iPhone App can help improve your flirting. So we are eager to hear about your experience with it. Tell us your funniest story, your success, your best pick up... 1. Make a video and upload it to ...

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